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bez-zie: /'bezē/(noun)

  1. your fave four-legged family member
  2. best bud for life
  3. exceptional listener, running partner, hole digger

they might not always come when you call, but your bezzie has your back–and you've got theirs. that starts with their food.

we'll send your bezzie a custom, human-quality meal plan so they stop drooling over the food on your plate and get excited about what's on their own.

you and your bezzie are like peas and carrots.

sorry, we meant, feed your bezzie peas and carrots.

balanced nutrition you can trust
all of our food meets the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO dog food nutrient profiles for maintenance.

healthy + human-quality ingredients
made with real food like cage-free chicken, wild-caught salmon, sweet potatoes, and bok choy. always corn, soy, and gmo-free.

as sustainably + locally sourced as possible
all of our food is prepared in North America and bites are always cooked at low temperatures to preserve nutrients.

beggars can be choosers

customize your bezzie's bowl with nosh, bites, or a combo of both


a human-grade mix of nutritious meat and veggies

lean protein for energy. vitamin-rich veggies. a complete meal or a fresh topper for the bezzie that loves a li'l bit of both.


our high-quality take on traditional kibble

perfect for the crunch-obsessed bezzie. packed with nutrients that do a bezzie body good + grain-free options for bezzies with sensitivities.

build your bezzie's bowl

real food for the leader of your pack

  • fresh fruits + veggies

    for immune support and healthy skin and coat, plus potassium and fiber.

  • real meat + fish

    lean protein for energy and omega-6 fatty acids and glucosamine for healthy bones. never any byproducts.

  • whole grains + legumes

    packed with minerals like iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, plus antioxidants good for skin, heart, and eye health.

the clean bowl club

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