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what’s in your
dog’s food is just
as important as
what’s in yours

just as humans have learned to avoid foods with long lists of unpronounceable ingredients, your dog’s food should feature only the good, pronounceable stuff too.

many brands contain things like dyes, sugar, too much salt, and a host of solvents and chemical preservatives. some also contain generic “meat byproducts” that have untraceable sources and are made with a variety of different animals and questionable animal parts. but the good news is, the experts have figured out how to make healthy dog food for your four-legged friend using human-grade ingredients. let’s dig into the good stuff to look for and the ruff stuff to avoid.

when it comes to dog food, always remember: you and your dog are like peas and carrots

sorry, we meant, feed your dog peas and carrots. because what’s good for you is often good for your dog. like human food, the most important ingredients listed in your dog’s food are the first few, as ingredients are listed from highest content to lowest. you always want to look for a “named” protein as the first ingredient and this can include the word meal (a more highly concentrated source of protein than whole meat, which can be easier for your dog to digest). in other words: avoid meat, meat meal, animal meal, and byproduct, and look for identifiable ingredients like chicken and chicken meal.

you can find a variety of food types on the US market in addition to dry and fresh dog food—other options include raw, freeze-dried, and dehydrated. some dogs thrive on one, the other, or a combo, but ultimately what sets good quality apart from the rest is simple: real ingredients.

dog food that supports a strong
immune system = fewer vet visits

like us, our dogs’ immune systems thrive best with a little support. real ingredients like lean protein for energy and omega-6 fatty acids + vitamin-packed veggies are key, but even the most well-balanced diet can use a boost. look for dry and wet dog food recipes that contain added supplements like vitamin e, d3, and b12 + minerals like iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, and antioxidants for good skin, heart, and eye health.

expert approved and safely prepared

if you want the best possible food for your fave furry family-member, look for the following: 

Sustainably-sourced ingredients.

ingredients that are locally and sustainably sourced whenever possible​

recipes that meet or exceed AAFCO’s minimum requirements outlined in their nutrient profiles

food that’s prepared in a USDA-approved kitchen

Human-grade ingredients.

high-quality ingredients like cage-free chicken and sweet potatoes

how to transition your dog to new food

for some dogs, new food is love at first bite! but pickier pups might need some help with the transition. experts recommend transitioning picky dogs slowly over the first week, mixing the original food with increasing proportions of their new food. start with a quarter amount of the new food for the first two days and increase in quarter increments every two days.

Chart for transitioning your dog to new food.
Day 1-3 of dog food transition guide.
Day 4-5 of dog food transition guide.
Day 6-7 of dog food transition guide.
Day 8 of dog food transition guide.

need a little guidance on choosing the best dog food?

that’s where bezzie comes in. we developed bezzie because we believe our dogs deserve better. much better. bezzie is a dog food subscription service created with the best for your four-legged bud (a.k.a. your bezzie) in mind.

all bezzie recipes are made with real food, like cage-free chicken + quality veggies and grains. we’ve even added all of the vitamins and minerals your bezzie needs to live his or her best life. our fresh "nosh" is prepared in a USDA-approved kitchen + our bezzie "bites" are made with real, sustainably-sourced ingredients like salmon, lamb, bok choy, and blueberries. plus, all of the recipes meet AAFCO standards. take a peek at the key ingredients:

chicken, chicken liver, carrot, green pea, and chicken broth

beef, beef liver, spinach, sweet potato, and beef broth

pork meal, pork, and whole grain barley

salmon meal, red lentils, and peas

bezzie is also unique among fresh dog food delivery brands because your dog has the option to mix and match their favorite fresh and dry food flavors.

personalized for
you and your bezzie

we love every bezzie for their special quirks and characteristics—the fast-fetchers and the ball-starers, the snugglers and the independent spirits, the beef-lovers and the sensitive tummy-types. because we know every bezzie is unique, we’ve created dog food that can be customized to your bezzie’s tastes and needs. you can always tailor your plan to your bezzie’s favorite flavors—whether dining on nosh (our shelf-stable fresh food), bites (our delicious take on kibble), or a mix of both.

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